What to expect when visiting us

Sunday Worship Service

Our morning service starts at 8:30am and finishes at around 9:50am. You are invited to join us at our outdoor covered fellowship area for tea/filter coffee and eats afterwards. We would love to meet you and get to know you.


Because our church is located in the suburbs of Umhlanga we have lots of parking on our property and on the grassed verge outside our property. We have a car guard who watches the vehicles during the service.

Wheelchair access

Our Sunday worship area is all on one level and is easily accessed by wheelchairs. Our downstairs Sunday School area can also be accessed by using the ramp that goes through our outdoor playground area.

Guest information

When you arrive head towards the main door and someone will be there to greet you and give you some information regarding the activities of our church. We’re not going to call you up to the front or ask you to stand during the service.

What about our children?

Babies and toddlers

There is a room for mothers with babies/toddlers. The room has direct line of sight into the worship area and also a video feed. Many mothers sit in the service in designated chairs at the back with their babies or toddlers unless they disturb others in which case they move into the Cry Room.

Sunday School

We love families to worship together and we encourage you to keep your children with you until they go to Sunday School just before the sermon time. There is a crèche group for toddlers, normal Sunday School classes for children up to Grade 7. High Schoolers are encouraged to stay in for the sermon.

What is our worship like?


Our service includes bible reading, praying, giving, preaching, communion and singing. Our music is a healthy mix of older hymns plus modern worship songs. We have a vocalists, keyboard, piano, guitar, bass guitar, sax and drums.


We’re a relaxed and informal church. Durban can be hot and humid therefore cool summer clothing is suitable. Many of our men wear shorts with button up shirts or t-shirts. We do have air-conditioning which makes things more pleasant during the summer months.


Our worship is joy-filled, our preaching gospel-centred. We’re a friendly, family orientated, multi-cultural church. We encourage people to get to know each other and to welcome those who are new.


Our attendance with adults, teens and children is around 150 on a Sunday morning. We have enough comfortable seating for 170.

Other info


If you need prayer after the service please let us know by coming to the front when the service has ended.


We offer appointments with the pastors from Tuesday-Friday during the week. Call the church office (031 561 3033) to make an appointment.

Church Office

Our office is closed on Mondays. On Tuesdays to Fridays there is generally either one or both of the pastors at their offices depending on their schedule.


In the strictest sense Baptists are non-denominational and each local church is autonomous. However we are a member church of the KwaZulu Natal and the Baptist Union of SA.